10 Best Android Shortcuts You’re Probably Not Using

Best Android Shortcuts

As today’s technology is emerging rapidly, it becomes more important to access data quickly whether you want to launch the camera, call the specific contact with a single tap, to find a nearby restaurant, or instantly search for an app.Here are 10 best Android shortcuts that you’re probably not using. So, let’s check out them one by one.

Launch the Camera Instantly

If you’re running a modern Android phone with Marshmallow (Android 6.0), then try to Double-Tap of the power button. When you do, you’ll go straight to the camera app. Now, you’ll never miss any epic moment. It just takes a sec to launch the camera with this powerful shortcut.

(On a few select phones, this shortcut may be different. For example, on some Motorola phones, you can instead “twist” the phone in your hand twice to launch the camera.)

Double Tap On Power Button
Double Tap on Power Button to Instantly Launch Camera

Quickly Search for Any App

It generally happens when you have installed a huge list of apps on your android devices and waste a lot of apps to search for a specific app. Fortunately, Google provides a launcher – “Google now Launcher” which is a stock launcher on Nexus Devices, but also available for download from Google Play for all others—to quickly get access to the app drawer’s search tool.

From your home screen, just hold the app drawer icon, the drawer will immediately open with the “Search Apps…” bar open and the keyboard ready to go. Here you go, just enter the keyword for a specific app and it shows on the screen and saves the bit time off.

Quick Access
Hold App drawer and search for the app

Pull down in Chrome

If you viewing a web page in chrome of your android device and want to reload the page, then instead of tapping the tiny refresh button to the left of the address bar, or tap the three-dot menu button and tap the refresh icon in the top corner of the screen you just have to pull down on the page with your thumb. Once you’ve pulled hard enough, a spinning Refresh icon will appear below the Chrome toolbar—and within a few seconds, the page will reload.

Pull Down
A reload icon appears after pulling down to refresh a web page

Use Quick Responses

This feature offers a quick way of letting someone know why you can’t pick up the call by sending them a quick response text—all you have to do is swipe up on the incoming call screen and choose what response you want to send. There are a few pre-set selected responses, like “Can’t talk right now. What’s up?”, “I’ll call you right back” and “Can’t talk now. Call me later”, but you know what the best part is you can actually customize them.

In Marshmallow, just go into the dialer and tap the three-button overflow menu in the top right corner. Select “Settings,” then “Quick responses.” Here you can edit the text of your choice.

Quick Response
You Can Edit it or Use Customize Text for response

Press and hold the Volume Down button

On the latest Marshmallow enabled phone there is an extra feature that lets you silencing all the chats, calls, notifications and other alerts. If you need silence or break from all the vibrations and beeps or when you are in the meeting, then you just have to Press and hold the volume-down button. When you do so, your Android phone will switch into an “alarms only” and ‘Do Not Disturb mode’ is activated.

Do Not Disturb
Hold the Volume Down Button, then The Above Screen Appears

Press and hold the Home key

Now Google is bringing even more useful features to Now on Tap. On Marshmallow, when you are on Home screen, just Press and Hold the Home key: A new feature appears to be rolling out that brings two new rows of shortcuts: Quick Actions and Nearby Places.

The quick actions row gives you easy access to different tasks like creating reminders, events, setting up alarms, starting timers, and navigating to work, home and other places.

The nearby places row will give you quick links to places nearby like Restaurants, Cafes, ATMs, Gas Stations, Malls, Post Offices and more.

Now On Tap
Press and Hold The Home Key

Unlock Your Phone Easily and Keep It Secure with Smart Lock

Security is one of the major concern for every individual. But Being Secure with Smart lock is a sign of Smart personality.  Smart Lock allows keeps your device unlocked when the right actions are met. To enable Smart Lock on most devices, go into the Settings > Security menu and set a secured Screen Lock. Then, enable Smart Lock back in the Security menu: there are several options listed here like- “On-body detection”, “Trusted Place”, “Trusted device”, “Trusted face” and “Trusted voice”.

Smart Lock
Tap on Any Option in The List to Apply Smart Lock

“On-body detection”- where the device will stay unlocked while you holding it.

“Trusted Place”- where the device will stay unlocked when you specify your home or work locations.

“Trusted face”- where the device will stay unlocked when you use the phone’s front camera and your own head.

“Trusted device”- where you’ll set Bluetooth devices to keep the phone unlocked.

“Trusted voice”- where you’ll set your own voice to unlock the phone.


Use Your Voice to Do Everything Faster -Say “OK Google”


Have you ever wish to have a personal assistant? Here google provides you a personal android assistant. You can chat up your personal assistant whenever you want – Just Say “OK Google” no tapping required.

Ok Google
Say “Ok Google”

To enable this feature:

  • Open the Google App.
  • At the top left, tap Menu  Settings > Voice >”Ok Google” detection.
  • Check the box next to “From Google app.”
  • Check the box next to “From any screen” or “Always on.”

Now, you’ll have to say “Ok Google” and your phone will listen carefully for a command. You can give any command like- “Wake me at five tomorrow morning” or “Make a call to [contact name]”.

Ok Google Settings
Tap on Settings>Voice>Ok Google

Call or Text with One Tap Using Contact Widgets

We all have some contacts to make calls frequently more than others. Here is a way to make quick calls. Just long-press the home screen and tap on widgets. Then slide down a little you’ll get an option of Direct Dial 1×1 just tap on it and select your favorite contact. Now you can just tap on your contact on Home screen to make the call quickly.

COntact Widgets
Hold the Home screen tap on Widgets and Select contact widgets and then select the particular Contact

Tap and slide for app information and settings

We often required the information of an app like Storage, Data Usage, Permission, Notification and more. There is a simple way to do that. Instead of going to Settings> Apps> [App], (shortcut) just Open the Application tray, tap and hold an app icon, slide it up to the “App info” button at the top of the screen, then release.

App Info
Hold the App Icon and Slide It to App Info

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