Electrical Engineering jobs on decline

Electrical Engineering Jobs On Decline

  Industrial production and development are currently undergoing a sea-change. For several generations, industrial production has followed a similar approach involving repetitive, call time work. This has also been true for the higher-end of industrial jobs like those of engineers. All this, however, is changing rapidly because of 2 main reasons: – Automation and Offshoring. While reshaping the way industries, these two factors are also a primary reason for the decline in demand of several job profiles including that of engineers. Among engineering profiles, the one which seems to have…

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APDoS attacks | The new emerging threat.

APDoS Attacks

For companies and website owners, DDoS attacks are a major headache. Each year thousands of them take place and with the easy availability of open-source tools they’re becoming ever more common. After the Dyn cyber attacks that took place in October, companies are taking DDoS much more seriously and investing more in containing a potential DDoS attack. There is, however, another DoS threat against whom most companies are thoroughly ill-equipped to fight against.We are talking about APDoS attacks. What is APDoS attack? APDoS stands for Advanced Persistent Denial-of-Service attack. As…

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DDoS Explained !!

DDoS Explained

  DDoS The 2016 Dyn cyber attack that took place on October 21 is being said to be the biggest-ever cyber attack on the internet’s infrastructure. The type of attack – DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service.  As those involved in cyber security already know, DDoS nowadays, are pretty common and are relatively simple to implement. So, how can something so common and simple to do be used to stage an attack as big as Dyn attacks? Let’s find out. What is DoS and DDoS? DDoS stands for Distributed Denial…

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Apple Watch Series 2


On September 16, 2016 Apple released its Apple watch series 2. And as many had been anticipating, the new series of its smartwatch is packed with some impressive health and fitness capabilities. Other very significant improvements include built-in GPS so that users can now run without an iPhone as well as water resistance 50m for swimming. So without wasting a time let’s take a look at its features as well as pros and cons. Significant Features 1. Fitness Health:   It’s no secret that Apple is planning to play big…

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Why C programming still matters?

Why C Programming Still Matters

“Programming Languages may come and Programming Languages may go but C goes on forever…….” It has been 44 years………. 44 years since C programming language first came. During this time, countless languages have come and gone but C programming language has firmly withheld its position as a prominent language both in education as well as the industry. In an industry, notorious for its pace of change and for the rate at which ‘industry-standards’ become obsolete, C is an anomaly and has stood the test of time like none other. For nearly…

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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality

Unless you have been living under a rock for quite a while or are a hardcore fan of ‘good old days lifestyle’,you must have heard about Vitual reality or VR in short.Many who are more interested in gadgets and tech have probably also heard about augmented reality and chances are only few geeky ones have heard of the term mixed reality. Here,we will do a comparison between these emerging technologies and try to understand wether the difference in terminologies is of substance or wether its more of a business spin….

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Virtual Reality Technology


These days one of the biggest buzzwords in the tech world is Virtual Reality. Many tech pundits and industry experts are now predicting that by beginning of next decade, flat-paneled gaming consoles and TVs like those of today will be largely replaced by VR headgear. Some are also claiming that the technology has the potential to completely redefine several industries like those of movies,games,education etc. With all this hype going around its hard not to get attracted by it.Many of us however have a blurred and incomplete idea about what…

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