Forget Selfie Sticks: AirSelfie-A Portable Flying Camera

THE AIR SELFIE DRONE CAN CAPTURE PHOTOS AND VIDEO IN MIDAIR THE CREDIT GOES TO Instead of extending your arm or using a selfie stick to snapshots of you and your crew, you could use a new pocket-size drone dubbed the “AirSelfie” to help you remotely capture aerial photos and videos. The Air Selfie is the brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Edoardo  Stroppiana, who came up with the idea in 2014. “Air Selfie is specifically designed and produced for people who used to think drone cameras are extremely complicated to use too…

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10 Best Android Shortcuts You’re Probably Not Using

Best Android Shortcuts

As today’s technology is emerging rapidly, it becomes more important to access data quickly whether you want to launch the camera, call the specific contact with a single tap, to find a nearby restaurant, or instantly search for an app.Here are 10 best Android shortcuts that you’re probably not using. So, let’s check out them one by one. Launch the Camera Instantly If you’re running a modern Android phone with Marshmallow (Android 6.0), then try to Double-Tap of the power button. When you do, you’ll go straight to the camera…

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Bioo Lite charges your phone from a potted plant

You probably know that potato as a battery and power clocks and small light bulbs from it. You don’t have to use a   potato either certain other vegetables and fruits work just as well. Arkyne Technologies claims that plants can also be used as a power source, and has produced a product called Bioo Lite which is able to use leafy green flora to charge devices, like smartphones and tablets. The company is currently seeking finance for its invention on Indie go where it has already hit 112 percent of…

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Electrical Engineering jobs on decline

Electrical Engineering Jobs On Decline

  Industrial production and development are currently undergoing a sea-change. For several generations, industrial production has followed a similar approach involving repetitive, call time work. This has also been true for the higher-end of industrial jobs like those of engineers. All this, however, is changing rapidly because of 2 main reasons: – Automation and Offshoring. While reshaping the way industries, these two factors are also a primary reason for the decline in demand of several job profiles including that of engineers. Among engineering profiles, the one which seems to have…

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goTenna Mesh is the first 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range consumer-ready mesh network. The device pairs with your smartphone to enable communication even when you don’t have service. Absolutely no towers, routers, and satellites required! Create people-powered connectivity absolutely anytime, anywhere. Send text messages and share GPS locations on offline maps with others. Chat privately in 1-to-1 or group conversations, or broadcast to any other goTenna Mesh device up to several miles or kilometers away all without using towers, routers or satellites. Each tiny-but-mighty device is powered by game-changing networking protocols…

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Time Travel

We have seen Time Travel through space in fictional movies. There is simply a time machine and some indefinite theories and time travel through the black hole or wormhole is possible. And we wonder how this time travel is even possible. Is this even possible for mankind to travel through space?. There are a lot of questions and their theories and proofs on time travel, it can be real or fake. We don’t know even making a time machine with some theory is possible. We have a lot of queries….

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Kali Linux: Hacker’s Favorite Operating System

Kali Linux

WHAT IS KALI LINUX? Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing.It is developed, funded and maintained by Offensive Security Ltd. Mati Aharoni, Devon Kearns, and Raphaël Hertzog are the core developers. HOW THE KALI LINUX DIFFERS FROM OTHER LINUX DISTRIBUTION? Kali Linux is a distribution designed for penetration testing in that it ships with a whole bunch of different tools for hacking and security testing. Most of the same tools are available on other distributions; it’s just that Kali comes with these tools…

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Pocket-Size Device Lets You Print from Anywhere

 ZUtA Labs’ mobile printer allows people to print while on the go.  THE CREDIT GOES TO ZUtA Labs  A new mobile robotic printer that is only a little bigger than three stacked hockey pucks will enable people to print anywhere and on any size page of paper. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops make it easy for people to work on the go, but traditionally, a printer has been cumbersome to lug out of the office. Zuta Labs, based in Jerusalem, reasoned that printers nowadays are essentially a print head running back and…

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How Much You Know About Ram(Random Access Memory )

WHAT IS RAM? RAM(Random Access Memory) is the memory which exists on the computer hardware where the operating system ,application program, and most random  access data are  kept so that they can easily reach  by device processor. The data on the random access memory can be read, written, and erased any number of times. WHAT IS A USE OF RAM? When the computer is in running state the RAM is used by CPU to store information that is frequently used,  but it does not store any information permanently. So, RAM has…

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APDoS attacks | The new emerging threat.

APDoS Attacks

For companies and website owners, DDoS attacks are a major headache. Each year thousands of them take place and with the easy availability of open-source tools they’re becoming ever more common. After the Dyn cyber attacks that took place in October, companies are taking DDoS much more seriously and investing more in containing a potential DDoS attack. There is, however, another DoS threat against whom most companies are thoroughly ill-equipped to fight against.We are talking about APDoS attacks. What is APDoS attack? APDoS stands for Advanced Persistent Denial-of-Service attack. As…

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