Time Travel

We have seen Time Travel through space in fictional movies. There is simply a time machine and some indefinite theories and time travel through the black hole or wormhole is possible. And we wonder how this time travel is even possible. Is this even possible for mankind to travel through space?. There are a lot of questions and their theories and proofs on time travel, it can be real or fake. We don’t know even making a time machine with some theory is possible. We have a lot of queries. So take a look at what time travel really is, before that we need to know what Time is.

What Is Time?

What Is Time?Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. Time is what we are all going through. There are a lot of different theories and explanation from ages, from age of Christ to age of science and in Greek mythology to Hindu mythology time is what changed everything. Even a lot of theories from our great scientists had told a lot of time which is hard to understand without maths Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension, along with the three spatial dimensions. Time is simply a dimension in which we are all living, we can’t change time.


What Is Time Travel?

Time travel is the concept of movement (such as by a human) between certain points in time, analogous to movement between different points in space, typically using a hypothetical device known as a time machine, in the form of a vehicle or of portal connecting distant points in time. This time travel has lots of concepts recognized by philosophy and fiction. There are said to be two ways of time travel, forward time travel, and backward time travel. If we take a brief look at mythology we can see a lots of example of this time travel. As in Hindu mythology King Raivata Kakudmi, who travels to heaven to meet the creator Brahma and is shocked to learn when he returns to Earth that many ages have passed. And if we look a Japanese tale of “Urashima Tarō“, first described in the Nihongi (720) tells of a young fisherman named Urashima Taro who visits an undersea palace. After three days, he returns home to his village and finds himself 300 years in the future, where he has been forgotten, his house is in ruins, and his family has died. Like this, we can see lots of stories from mythology which mention time travel. The theory says that time travel is possible through space if we can create a portal through space-time.

What Is Time Machine?

Time Machine

According to Einstein, time is the fourth dimension and traveling through time can be possible if we move at the speed of light through space and time, traveling through space with the movement of atom and molecules irrespective of time can make us time traveler. To travel in time we need a machine or any object which help us to travel at the speed of light, this machine which on following the theory of time travel and can travel at the speed of light is called time machine.

Is Time Travel Possible?

Time Travel PossibleTime traveling to forward sounds like easy if we travel at the speed of light, but it is not possible to move at the speed of light. But according to Einstein, we can travel through time if we make a space-time portal according to his theory of time. But traveling backward through time is not even sound possible as we travel at the speed of light we go forward. Moving at the speed of light through space-time can take us to future with a time machine. Time travel to the past is impossible for many reasons, not least of which because there’s nowhere to travel to. The past and future don’t exist in the same way as the present.

Also, humans may not be able to withstand time travel at all. Traveling nearly the speed of light would only take a centrifuge, but that would be lethal, said Jeff Tollaksen, a professor of physics at Chapman University, in 2012.

While time travel does not appear possible at least, possible in the sense that the humans would survive it  with the physics that we use today, the field is constantly changing. Advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes.



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